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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 6, 2011, 11:07 PM

I'm a freelance pixel artist/spriter.
tfr by Metaru
Drama King by Metaru Tachikoma by Metaru
LV60 GOLF SLAMMER Rabbit Girl by Metaru SHMUP Ships -1- by Metaru Distinguidos Caballeros by Metaru

If you are interested in my work/services, you can contact me at:

Email: metarro <æ>

Fares and payment methods will be set according to the work i'm being hired. I will absolutely NOT ACCEPT payment methods such as "a share of the profits". I usually ask for 50% first and 50% once the job is done.

While I do support indie devs accomplish their projects sometimes -because I know how hard it is to deal with a  budget- I will certainly not tolerate any dumb shit shenanigans: either you can afford it, or you cant.

Have a good day.

this journal took more time than you think

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 3, 2011, 7:16 PM

Kiriban at 60001 pageviews

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 15, 2011, 7:03 PM

Do it faggets

PS: since everypne is being a baby about it, lets lower that goal.

The reason why report stolen shit is

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 6, 2011, 11:35 AM

devart said the following:

Your Permission Issues Violation Report on .: Strawberry Panic Base :. was reviewed by a member of the staff and action was taken, marking the report as Need Information.

Additionally, the following comment was provided:

Thank you for attempting to bring this deviation to the attention of the staff.

We would prefer it if the original owner of the work contacted us directly by filing a copyright infringement notice by email at

Please click here for more information.

This message was generated automatically.

-- deviantART Staff
[original traced image is this, provided in the very description… ]

Rape: nos a violation(heh) of dA's TOS if anime. neither exposed genitalia.
Tracing can only be reported by the original authors.

thank you deviantART. how convenient.


Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2011, 8:19 PM

words words words words

Candies, Popcorn and Jellies

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 15, 2010, 8:08 PM

it is pointless to actually write this now after(and not before) being inactive for so long, but i'd do it anyway.

so in order for you to know why i am no longer the pixel art mod, i'd give you the info from the very core source:

i realised there was nothing to be done with dA's pixel art gallery. nothing at all. even when the very first thing i said when i took this /job/ was that i was not going to act as a mesiah and change what was an already clusterfuck of a mess, i couldn't just stare and see how my work was tagged in the same category as a ten second megaman sprite edit. how other fellow pixelers work would just be undermined by thousands of daily pieces of shit being submitted as a neverending crap.

i swear i did try to keep my focus and act under what is aparently a GM is suposed to be, but i just couldn't stand the hipocresy. the complete lack of self respect for what was suposed to be an artform. it burned my spirit to be there just staring at it without being really able to do anything to it, specially being a mod.

maybe i never understood what was being a mod after all? i did wanted to make a change. i did wanted to take the good stuff and put it somewhere else above all the shit. maybe i did tried to pull a mesiah after all.

we can't lie to ourselves. dA is not and will never be a place for proper pixel art, not for its enrichment or exposure. its on the very fragile and misunderstood nature of pixel art clashing agaisnt the massiveness of dA. not because pixel art isnt meant to be mainstream(that would be stupid) but rather because not even who, who enjoy this artform can't determine what it is nor set its boundaries.

i'm not one to suddenly act """polite""" and sugercoat what i think about someone's crap, specially if its placed in the field and in the artform i want and asumed as "almost" a lifestyle. dA can surely corrupt one's mind and soul and turn us into mindless cutesy blobs of nothing, unable to disagree in fear of retaliation from others under acts of negativity. can we blame these people? we can't. thats how dA works, thast how the site and its "community" teachs and enforces you to act. and tahts why from the outside dA is shown as nothing but a hive of all sorts of fetishes and redundancy.

certainly i'm not being angst towards the people who legitimately uses the site and has made proper conections to other artists, shared their visions and spirits and got to improve as both human beings and artists. i hope people gives this tool a good use and does improve it despite anything else.

i'm not going to act all sissy and ragequit now. this ain't a defeat nor a sad moment at all. in fact, i'm just going to go back to live my life like i was been doing so and wish luck for the next volunteer. the only thing that i could ever regret is to not grant the people that deserved a DD in time. but then, DD's are utterly empty and meaningless. those who are already aware of their quality as people and artist don't need an CSS badge below their work to know it.

life follows.

Fruits? i barely know her!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 4, 2010, 10:41 PM

Misleading title for a contest eh? you could get a 3 month subscription out of it though :coolface:.

:iconkjherstin: is running quite a charming contest: Make your own favorite fruit as a pixel art deviantART avatar and win a 3 month subcription. easy eh? you can even submit 3 entries as long as they have been made specifically for this contest.

all the contest's details and guidelines can be found on Kjherstin's journal here.-


"What happened with the pixel art DDs?" someone may ask. well. I decided there wont any dd's so far for this month  so i can gather a considerable amount and unleash the all on novemeber. "Why november?" why not?. The Pixel Art gallery isnt exactly flooded with quality neither is as massive as other galleries are, wich makes it quite hard to get a constant stream of DDs. in any case, rest asured that i already know who's getting what and why.


Big juicy things coming right at us. juicy as in contest, big as in huge, things as in Pixel Art Related Groups. *cue dramatic final boss song*

Kawaii lemon desu out

September 28th, Daylight

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 28, 2010, 7:00 PM

The monsters have overtaken the city.

Somehow, I'm still alive...

hello sires

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 22, 2010, 5:44 PM

i'd be setting a new batch of pixel art DDs starting next monday

in the meanwhile, why dont you tell me a bit about yourself? i'd love to know you


Muerte al Roto Correa

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 16, 2010, 2:22 PM

disfruten sus bicentenarios que yo me voy a la playa con :iconxeristar:

si tienen tele ahi se ven o/

Tournaments are for real men.

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 6, 2010, 11:16 PM

Deprogrammer Samus by Metaru
So aparently the Daily Deviation i gave on September 3 was merely a graphic stolen by what seems to be an 8 year old sonic fanboy from somewhere else, wich was then quickly deleted as soon as someone shown from where it was blatalantly ripped.

yet still people attacked the one who shown the evidence claiming that he should "take his negativity somewhere else" (sic)

it still bothers me a lot because it makes me wonder "how i didn't see that. its was so obvious". And yes, it was really obvious. guess it just means i need to be even more careful when checking an user's background when i grant something a DD. ugh.
( metaru stamp by k0k3 )
in other news, The Spriters's Resource's community (TSR) is hosting an Spriting Tournament called


And myself and other cool/awesome/incredible spriters/pixel artists are taking part of it. some such as SpriterShawn, Neoriceisgood, Chris2Balls, nooks24, Gorsal, Rokkan-Illidian, among others.

you can follow the development of each round by following this link to TSR's forums. and at the same time the development of the Tournament itself can be seen here. i can guarantee you that each round will be full of incredible artworks from some of the most talented people on this side of the net.

god damn its going to be hard to beat these people :CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

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A few notes

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 26, 2010, 10:56 PM

:bulletred:I think I got a sizeable amount of DD sugestions, so, starting from sept 1 you'll see a new stream of pixel art related cool stuff you all are expecting to love and fave.
:bulletred:not taking any more comissions until i finish what i owe.
:bulletred:also <spoiler> was hired by <spoiler> to work on <spoiler> 11.

And on a special feature, Neoriceisgood's incredible webcomic A path to Greater Good is back again at his site
Noah 102 by Neoriceisgood Tobi 97 by Neoriceisgood Burk page 182 New format by Neoriceisgood AptGG: 206 by Neoriceisgood
Its literally the best and most beatiful pixel art webcomic you can find right now, its updated weekly and its completely free. Its author, that distinguished gentleman called Guido Bos is constantly working on improving the comic's artwork and storyline, and its always fond on the comments feedback people can give him on each page and on the site's forums(plus you earn his love automatically).


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If I was a cool guy

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 18, 2010, 8:50 PM

I wouldn't delay handing those birthday prizes so much oh my god what happened(<excuses><excuses><excuses>). But don't worry, those who i've picked will soon or later recieve a happy notification on their inbox in a few days and a Visible * next to their names. Didn't feel like posting the winnners in a journal just to avoid griefing and such, since in the end i'd just try to cover up that I couldn't give a prize to everyone with bad jokes about airplane food and 4chan memes.

:candyyay: by Metaru
Because you know
you're all winners for me
:candyyay: by Metaru

(this is the part when you go "awwwwww" and forget everything.)

Also, if you got free time i'd totally go and check This Article/Contest by the people from Digiversity about how writters and visual artists could and should work together and earn some cool stuff in the process.(and earning cool stuff and working with someone else is good, i can guarantee you that)

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Sat Aug 7, 2010, 11:40 AM

You know,dA's celebrating its 10th birthday right, but just like in any good party worth its name the present are actually for YOU.


Now you're wondering "how the heck do i get to earn a present on a birthday that is not mine, when i havent even given a present to the guy's who is suposed to get the presents."

Metaru Proudly Presents:

*Cake not included

share with me your best birthday story in this very journal and earn a free of charge full of gratitude ONE(1) MONTH SUBSCRIPTION
it may your birthday or someone else's birthday or that birthday of your dreams. as long as its memorable, i'd work!.

And not just one, but 5 DEVIANTS will get awarded with one month subscriptions(because i'm that awesome)B)

You have until MONDAY 9, 00:00 (GMT/UTC -4) to write your best story. only one entry per user, best 5 stories will be anounced on wednesday 10


Journal Entry: Sat Aug 7, 2010, 12:04 AM

ok people, i need your help.

I need some cash and i need it somehow quick so

i'd be taking comissions for avatars ($3) and sprites($5) and everything you could need. drop a message here or send me a note. i can get them done in 1-3 days depending on how complex they could be.

some examples of the avatars i've made:

:iconxeristar: :iconk0k3::iconkookamunga:

What was the start of all this?

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 22, 2010, 8:40 PM

when did the cogs of fate began to turn?

Perhaps it is imposible to grasp that answer now,
from deep within the flow of time.

But, for a certainty, back then,
we loved so many, yet hated so much.
we hurt others and were hurt ourselves...

Yet then, we ran like the wind,
whilst our laughter echoed,
under cerulean skies...

ok everyone watch this gentleman

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 13, 2010, 8:06 PM

-MetaJournal '[35] ^Metaru

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 7, 2010, 10:44 AM

This is going to be a one week Pixel Art Daily Deviation streak, or more!

one month ago, i was promoted to the rank of Gallery Mod, taking Mistress-Jaeden and armaina places and heads in the process after an epic fight of swords and cheap lighthings effects. old news i know but it sounds god damn great to say that.

But i was in training as i got used to my newly adwuired powers and responsabilities. for a mont, Mistress-Jaeden taught me everything i needed to know, and thanks for that i'm not flying lost in the void of space. For the month of june she guided me and gave me the confidence to asume my role and start working towards my goal , wich was making the best posible of every single pixel artist in this place. just like we, as pixel artist, are encouraged to make the best out of any pixels. as for now, i am sole and only GM we'll have to deal with.

thank you two <3

other topics of interest:

:bulletblue:every single cool guy on this site has a stamp and i dont
:bulletblue:i love being a TF2 engineer
:bulletblue:fucking vuvuzuelas status: sleeping by Metaru
:bulletblue:I want a PS3 :C

Happy fathers day C:

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 20, 2010, 11:11 AM

even though every day should be fathers/mothers/girlfriends/boyfriends day C:

(even though half if not any of you should be father :V)

do electric sheeps fear magnetic wolfs?

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 13, 2010, 9:00 PM

in the lack of a better title, just writting a few random line sbefore going to bed.

i'm slowing getting the pace as a GM, although that last June 5 Drawing Day event was almost a complete failure if it wasn't for the lonely and single deviation that someone sent. having just a few hours to anounce and make something to encourage you people on a weekend was just... not the best way, lets hope i'd get more time to get something. the subs promised for the people who participated where already given, just in case.

the Fifa World Cup 2010 already started omg crazy sdasdasf. either you'd be gay crazy about it or ignore it completely-on my case i'd just wear my cool shades and just support every blue team because i'm that cool.

oh, and ask me about comissions, i'm always taking requests and stuff and they're quite cheap most of the time C:

don't forget to send your Daily Deviation sugestions, and try to do your best to give a small text about why you think that deviation should be featured.